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What are the next steps to get your project started?

Congratulations!  In COACH you have gained valuable knowhow on building up a service or product in the field of dementia. Now it is your turn to take the next steps in your project and bring it to life!

In each topic, we provided you with PowerPoint templates and guiding questions to work on your own project. Put the nine individual slides together or download all templates and guiding questions here to design a Pitch Deck or a Business Plan!

You may use the INDEED Business Plan Canvas to structure your Business Plan or Pitch Deck.

business plan canvas

What is a Pitch Deck and a Business Plan?

Pitch Deck is a short presentation (10-20 slides) that summarizes the concept of a business or project. It underlines the highlights of your project and should shortly answer all important questions your audience could have. Important information is presented visually in an appealing design. Such presentation is an instrument to „sell” your idea to potential financiers, partners or customers. A Pitch Deck should always be matched to the audience.

Business Plan is a written concept (10-100 pages) of your business or project, which includes all steps to implement your idea successfully in the next 1-5 years. The information is provided in tables and text.

When do you need a Pitch Deck?

  • When you seek smaller amounts of funding, especially if you ask for smaller donations
  • When you seek partners to support you
  • When you are networking
  • When you present your project in a competition (awards)
  • When you would like to send out information about your project

When do you need a business plan?

  • When you need a clear guide for yourself to plan and control your activities, especially if you have a co-founder
  • When you seek larger amounts of investment, especially if you ask for a loan
  • When someone asks for a business plan (e.g. investors)


How do you start to design and write a Pitch Deck or Business Plan?

The topics of COACH give you detailed information and guidance on business knowhow. In summary, these are the questions or steps to work on to prepare a Pitch Deck or Business Plan:

Where can you get feedback on your Pitch Deck or Business Plan?

If you have written a Pitch Deck or Business Plan in English, you can get feedback on it from the INDEED project. Such feedback refers to the comprehensibility and the business explanations in the Pitch Deck/Business Plan. We cannot evaluate whether a project is advisable in a specific region or what concrete sources of funding should be considered.

To request feedback please send an e-mail to

Where can you get further assistance in setting up your project?

Below you will find a collection of organisations, institutions or programmes, which provide support or services in the topics discussed in COACH.

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