Outline of professions

Different needs call for different professional skills

To make sure that the key components of quality of life are provided, a range of professions is needed to meet the needs of people with dementia as well as their carers. Professional expertise is required to deal with medical, psychological, nursing, social, organisational, financial and also spiritual issues.

The roles of team members in collaborative care


drawing of doctor
  • Diagnoses dementia and initiates the care plan
  • Evaluates people with dementia with unexpected changes in condition, atypical or unusual presentations
  • Is available for emergencies


nurse dementia
  • Re-evaluates the care plan, assesses cognition and other symptoms at follow-up visits
  • Coordinates care with other professions and service providers
  • Refers to services, e.g. physical therapy, occupational therapy
  • Organises follow-up visits
  • Educates person with dementia and family on treatment interventions

Social worker

social worker
  • Educates people with dementia and carers about dementia and caregiving issues
  • Refers for concrete services, e.g. transportation, assistance in the home, meal delivery, adult day care
  • Provides assistance with transition to alternative care settings, e. g. nursing home
  • Collaborates with local agencies and organisations, e. g. patient organisation



  • Performs and interprets neuropsychological tests
  • May play a key role in diagnosis and monitoring
  • Psychologist, provides counselling and therapeutic services, e.g. behaviour management, cognitive-behavioural therapy
  • May lead cognitive stimulation programmes
psychologist dementia

Occupational therapist

dementia occupational therapist
  • Assesses home safety
  • Performs cognitive skills training
  • Evaluates activities of daily living
  • Evaluates driving ability
  • Educates about assistive technology

Physical therapist

physical therapist drawing
  • Assesses risk of falls
  • Performs physical fitness training (strength, endurance, flexibility, balance)
  • Educates about everyday physical activity

Quiz: Virtual case conference

Now you are invited to a virtual case conference. Your task is to bring together a team of professionals and come up with a treatment plan.
A 59-year old maths teacher has recently been diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. He is married and has two children. His mother had died with dementia at the age of 62. He clearly notices his cognitive decline and is depressed and irritable. His elevated blood pressure has significantly worsened. One of few things he can enjoy is driving his sports car.

  • 59-year old maths teacher
  • Married, two children
  • Early-stage dementia in Alzheimer’s disease
  • No treatment yet
  • Mother died with dementia at age 62
  • Depression and irritability
  • High blood pressure
  • Drives a sports car

Can you bring together the professionals that are most needed to manage the problems outlined above?
Your task is to drag the professions to the appropriate parts of action. After you have placed five of the seven professions, please click on the button “check” in the bottom left corner. Then the professionals will explain what they did, and you will see your score.