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Let us re-visit the case conference in the chapter CONNECT (Professions and Contributions, Outline of Professions). A 59-year old maths teacher had been diagnosed with early-stage dementia in Alzheimer’s disease featuring significant language problems. He lives at home with his wife and two children. Noticing his increasing symptoms, he became depressed and irritable. According to his individual treatment plan he was put on an antidementia drug, started regular Nordic walking, visits a day-care centre providing occupational therapy several days a week, and participates in a psychological depression group therapy. In addition, he receives communication training provided by a speech and language therapist.

Due to COVID-19-related restrictions this comprehensive treatment plan is at risk to be stopped. What can the involved professionals do to maintain the plan? Please drag the respective occupational group to the appropriate action. After you have allocated five of the six professions, please click on the button “check” in the bottom left corner. Then the professionals will describe what they can do, and you will see your score.